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Perspectives on Motherhood May 9, 2010

Me with the girls who call me "Mom"

The idea of motherhood for me has changed a great deal from when I was a child and HAD a mom (note:  I still have a mom!), to when I had children of my own and BECAME a mom.  Here are some things I have learned:

  • When you are a child and you HAVE a mom, you may think she has some pretty strange tastes.  She likes the end piece of the bread, she always eats the burnt piece of chicken, and how can she stand those licorice jelly beans?

When you ARE a mom, you realize that when you go to make yourself a sandwich, the only pieces of bread that will be left in the bread bag are the end pieces.  At dinner you know that lonely burnt piece of chicken will just sit there unless you eat it –besides, you burned it, you earned it, you get to eat it!  And black jelly beans… well if you ever hope to eat another jelly bean at Easter time, you better learn to like the black ones.  They are my mom’s favorites.

  • When you HAVE a mom, you think it is sooooooo sweet that she always saves that last piece of cake and puts it up on a special little plate up in the cabinet just for you.

When you ARE a mom, you remind yourself once again, that next time you need to find a better hiding place for your secret snack time treats.

And just when you are tempted to have a pity party for yourself, you realize that Mom does not live by bread (or chicken or jelly beans) alone and that the most important nourishment you can get will come from God’s word.  (Luke 4:4)

  • When you HAVE a mom, there may be times when you are convinced that she is not nearly as fun as Dad and wonder why she doesn’t always come with you and Dad to the park, or the lake, or on a bike ride.

When you ARE a mom, you find yourself daydreaming about Dad walking in the door and announcing Prince Charming style that he is taking the kids to the park, because you know what that means…. you are going to get…. a BATH!

And just when you are about to lose your mind wondering if you’ll ever wash your hair again, you are reminded that a clean pure heart is even more important to God.  (Matthew 5:8)

  • When you HAVE a mom, you may think she does some strange things like crying when she is happy?!

When you ARE a mom, you know in your heart that those initial tears of joy you shed when you first saw your baby’s sweet face are only the beginning of many tears that you will have throughout the life of this child:  happy tears, sad tears, frustrated tears, worried tears, prayerful tears.

And just when we begin to wonder what all this crying in about, we can remind ourselves that our tears are precious to God.  The Bible says He sees our tears, saves our tears, and one day will wipe away all our tears.  (Psalm 126:5, Psalm 56:8, Revelation 21:4)

  • When you have a mom, you may find yourself wondering why she can’t be a “cool mom” that’s more like a best friend than a parent.

When you ARE a mom, you will find yourself calling your really cool best friend (who just happens to be your Mom) and asking her when you can quit being mom & just be a friend to your child.  She’ll tell you that the better parent you are now, the better friend you will have later.

And just when you are about to give up on your child having the kind of friends she needs, you will remember to tell her that Jesus is a friend that sticks closer than a brother, and He is always there. (Proverbs 18:24)

  • When you HAVE a mom, you know that if you cry out because you had a bad dream, she will be beside your bed to comfort you.

When you ARE a mom and you hear that little cry from down the hall, first you wonder why Daddy ears don’t work as well as Mommy ears in the middle of the night, and then you rush to your child’s bed to assure her everything will be ok.

Just when you start to wonder how long you will have to make these midnight comfort runs, you are reminded that you won’t always get to, but that you serve the God of all comfort who promises His children that He is a very present help in time of trouble. (Psalm 46:1)

  • When you HAVE a mom, you know she loves you.

When you ARE a mom, you suddenly know HOW MUCH she has loved you.

You also begin to get a glimpse, just a glimpse, of how much God must love you. (John 3:16)

  • When you have a mom, you are convinced that even though she does some things you don’t understand, she is the greatest mom in the world.

When you ARE a mom, you look around at other moms and you are convinced that you are NOT the greatest mom in the world.

Then you remember who gave you this job.  God Himself has graciously given you this job!  Your job is to raise your children so that they can move from depending on you to depending on God.  And as you serve this great God, He has everything you need to be the mother He has called you to be.  (1 Thessalonians 5:24)

Motherhood itself is the perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, who has taught me so much & loved me through all the tough stuff, and to all the other moms out there trying to do the best you can for your children.

I’d love to hear what perspectives motherhood has changed for you.  Leave a note in the comments…

I’m a Believer!


Tag, I’m It – 7 Random Things October 13, 2008

My good buddy Rena over at Insert Grace Here tagged me. I’m supposed to tell the public seven random things about me. In an ideal world, I’m thinking they should be things that should be somewhat interesting. So, these are seven things, they are random, and whether or not they are interesting is up for debate. Strange? Maybe. Intersting? Doubtful. But thanks for the stress, Rena! I really needed one more thing to do today. (You know I’m kidding, right?)

7 Random things about me…

1. My second toe is shorter than my third toe, just like my mom. No, my mom is not shorter than my third toe – my mom’s second toe is shorter than her third, and mine are like hers. I know this was supposed to be random things about ME – sorry to drag you into this whole ugly mess, Mom. Hope that wasn’t a secret!

2. I have all my wisdom teeth (and I have no fillings or cavities). That’s why I’m so smart! I also get this from my mom, but I won’t go into the whole “mom’s teeth” thing. I think her toes have been stepped on enough for today.  Also, I consider this a blessing from God because I am DEATHLY AFRAID of the dentist after a traumatic childhood visit to the sadist dentist.

3. I can recite the Girl Scout Promise in French. Had to learn it for some sort of international badge. I don’t know why it’s still in my memory taking up space. I sure could use that space for something else more useful, I’m sure.

4. I can’t chew gum in church. We weren’t allowed to chew gum in church as kids. Sometimes I chew gum as I drive all the way to church, walk through the parking lot, into the hallway, go to the fellowship hall, visit with friends, but when I walk through the church door into the sanctuary, I get this horrible feeling that I have something really bad in my mouth that needs to be spit out. I DO! It’s gum!! “Spit that gum out, young lady!  This is God’s house.”  (That’s not my mom, that’s the voice in my head.)

5. I like almost all foods, except for celery. It repulses me.  And to pair it with peanut butter and raisins??  Are you kidding me?  Who wants to eat “ants on a log” anyway?  Wait!  I’ve just figure it out – that’s what it feels like when I have gum in my mouth at church – like I just bit into a giant piece of celery coated with peanut butter and raisins.  Ewww – I’ve gotta go spit…

6. I was horrified when my dad made me take public speaking in High School – “When will I ever use that in the future??!!” Now I love to speak at women’s conferences, bible studies, retreats, etc. I still get just as nervous in a room of only 25 ladies that are close friends as I do in a room of over 100 ladies.  I hope they don’t read this, then I’ll be really nervous.

7. I think cookie dough always tastes better than the actual baked cookie. My favorite cookie dough is oatmeal, followed by chocolate chip cookie dough. I used to love sugar cookie dough, but having overindulged in the past, I have a bit of an aversion there.

Oh – and you get a bonus today …

8.  I love corny puns.  Especially when I make them up. 🙂  Here’s my latest.  “Please don’t burn my toast.  I’m black-toast intolerant.”  See?  Hilarious, I know!

Alrighty then.  That’s about it for the randomness.  I think I’ve freaked myself out (and probably my mom, too).  I’m going to make an appointment for therapy. 

I’m a Believer!