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…blessed is she that believed… -Luke 1:45

Challenged by True Christianity October 29, 2008

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I came across this video on youtube and found it very challenging to me and to my faith and what I am supposed to do about my faith. Strangely, I agree with nearly all this man says, until the end. Watch it all the way to the end, and see if you are not only surprised, but also challenged.

So… whaddaya think?

I’m a Believer!


3 Responses to “Challenged by True Christianity”

  1. insertgracehere Says:

    Amazing. To think that a man who does not believe what I believe clearly would hold himself far more accountable to my beliefs if he did agree with them… well, ouch.

    A lot to think about! Profound.

  2. Lisa D Says:

    Hi Laura!
    Thanks for stoping by my blog and saying hi!
    Oh yes that movie the Hen Party was hysterically hilarious!
    I think you guys should play that game,In my eyes I think there is nothing wrong with playing Hen Party at a Church Retreat
    I have been to a few of them also I think the ladies would get a few giggles,lol and lots of tears I have never played this game yet But would love too!!!! it was an email that was sent to us from a good friend. You may want to ask other’s what they think about the hen Party! Do a blog post and share the movie and ask others I would love to hear if you are playing the game
    enjoy life with your family and close friends!
    Hugs lisa

  3. Mrs. Q Says:

    Wow…how can someone believe all that and not BELIEVE?!?! People truly do trade the truth for a lie…

    It is so sad that he can spout all that “Christianese” but he takes none of it to heart..

    And yes, I agree with Rena. I must hold myself to a higher standard with regard to walking my Christian faith out.

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