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Shark Week Vacation July 27, 2008

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Hello to all my 4 regular readers in blogland.  My family and I are going on VAAACAAATION! We’ll be leaving in the a.m. to head to the (hopefully) sunny shores of Fort Morgan, AL, where we will terrify ourselves silly by watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel at night and heading to the beach in the mornings!  We ALWAYS end up at the beach either during Shark Week or immediately following… gluttons for punishment.

I don’t know what I’ll do with all my time since I can’t blog…oh, I know – I’ll stick my toes in the sand!  I do love the beach – it always speaks to me of the greatness of our God and His amazing creativity.  I mean JELLYFISH??? Why?  How did he think of those?  And how did He make shrimp taste so good?  These are the mysteries of the deep… 

Ok – it’s clear, my mind is already on vacation.  Gotta go pack.

I’m a Believer!



2 Responses to “Shark Week Vacation”

  1. Ladon Says:

    OK.. NOW YOU’VE DONE IT.. yOU are officially grounded off of the computer thingy for a week… Be gone …to the beach. If I could figure out a way to get this picture off.. I would. I love you..nerd head.

  2. Rena Says:

    I’m just now getting to these posts….:))))
    I LOVE the pic! Hope your vacation was beyond your imagination!

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