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Raising Godly Boys??? July 27, 2008

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Must come from “good” family.  Must have regularly attended Sunday School, Sunday morning services, Wednesday night services, and be active in all other possible church activities.  Must have been saved at a young age.  Must have servant’s heart.  Must show respect for parents.  Must have been a recipient of regular spankings and consistent discipline throughout formative years.   Must have a mother and father who show affection openly.  Parents must attend church together and sit lovingly beside each other giving gentle nudges when the preacher hits close to home.  If dad is a Pastor, mom must sit in front row with her well-behaved boys by her side.  Must have a father who takes out the trash, remembers birthdays and anniversaries, spends time with the children, takes the wife out on regular dates.  Must say “Yes sir” and “Yes ma’am.”  Must have healthy respect for his mother, but not be a “mama’s boy.” Must be willing to leave and cleave!  Must have plans to attend good Christian college and be in the ministry.  Must wear a ring that says “TRUE LOVE WAITS.”  Must not date anyone until you have met my daughters, then courting arrangments will be made….etc., etc.

Ok, so sue me…I don’t know anything about raising godly boys, but I hope someone does because I do have three daughters.  And I pray they will all have godly husbands if it be God’s will that they marry.  How are they going to find these Christian young men?  I don’t know!!  But I know the one who does know.  God has a plan for my girls.  I certainly can’t even begin to imagine the places they will go, or the lives they will impact, but God can. 

Looking at the (somewhat) tongue-in-cheek list I made of requirements for these so called godly young men, I do realize that what I think my children need may not be what God knows they need.  God sees the finished product of life experiences, healing from hurts, and our surrendering more fully to Him.  My husband and I have been married for 16 1/2 years.  We have a good strong marriage that I would not trade for the world (and I still get butterflies and all that mushy stuff!).  But I can tell you that neither one of us would have answered an ad like this one!  We just didn’t measure up when we met at 21 & 19 years old!  Now I do have a husband that remembers birthdays and anniversaries, takes out the trash, washes my car, spends times with the children, and loves me extravagantly (even when I’m not loveable).  Yeah, it’s the same guy.  But God has changed us both.

So with regard to raising godly boys – here’s my take on it:  SOMEONE PLEASE DO IT!  Please, please, please raise at least three godly boys for my girls.  I don’t know how you’re supposed to do it.  I know they need to be men of God, men whose final authority on any major life decision is the Word of God, men who won’t compromise with the world, men who understand authority and submission, men who can love unconditionally with the love of Jesus, men of integrity.  I’m certain the Bible gives some good instruction on how to produce these men.  That’s the book I’m using while trying to raise three godly girls.  I don’t know if they’ll meet all the requirements of your want ad or if your boys would meet mine.  What I do know is that God is the giver of good things, so even if the boys can’t in good conscience answer the ad, if they are who God has for my girls, those are the guys I want!

For someone who may know a little more than me about Raising Godly Boys, head on over to At The Well hosted today by Lori at I’ll Take it Lord, all You Have to Give, and see what others are saying. 

I’m a Believer!


P.S.  If you know anyone who possibly meets the requirements in my ad, you can reply in the comments section!


21 Responses to “Raising Godly Boys???”

  1. Laura Says:

    I LOVE your add! I think it is absolutely wonderful. And, let me tellya… I’m doin’ my darndest to try and raise my boys to meet those qualifications. You keep those expectations high – God does! Thanks for sharing today At the Well!

  2. Denise Says:

    This was a really fantastic post sweetie.

  3. I HAVE just the boy for you….mind you, he is a work in progress…but I’m doing my best to meet those “requirements” since they are ones I could have written myself…We are trying with all we have to understand that God has a perfect plan for this guy’s life….we just have to guide him on that path….
    I’ll get a picture to you…:)

    Oh and just a sidenote…I too watch football with my husband….I have to tell you being born and raised in Pittsburgh, in a family with no boys….dad taught me early that Steeler Football is what we do on Sundays after church:) 🙂


  4. Jill Says:

    I loved what you wrote. And yes we all want the best for our children, good thing God knows what that is!! I too agree with your comment about the Bible that is where it all begins!! Thanks for sharing, Jill

  5. Ladon Says:

    Wake up Laura, Wake up.. .Coffe iza boilin over… wake up…
    Smell that? The truth is, I just finished reading some good ole John and that Jesus of ours says in chap 14:13 And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.. Pray on my sister, Pray on.
    I do hope you forgive the “no young son” part from me… Wouldn’t that be a hoot. i love you.

  6. Kathy C. Says:


    I love it! 🙂 Great ad! I suppose I would write the same thing about finding a wife for my son, lol. It made me laugh, and it made me think. 🙂 Raising the perfect, godly man is certainly no easy task. Even after doing all that we truly believed (and still believe) God would want us to do, making mistakes, and learning along the way, he hasn’t turned out quite as we had planned, lol. But that’s ok, because God is not done with him yet, and we will never be done praying for him. 🙂

    Have a blessed day.

  7. Laurie Ann Says:

    Your post hit home for me because the boy your ad was for was what I prayed for my bonus daughter as she was growing up. Must remember to tell SIL he was prayed for all those years. It’s important to pray for the spouses our children will marry, even when it’s years before hand. I loved your post!

  8. TOO funny (in a serious sort of way!) 🙂

    Well, Lori has one boy covered, I can take care of the other 2!!!

    I pray with my kids about future spouses. The girls love it, but the boys roll their eyes. But, I am excited to see who God already has planned for them. I can’t wait to tell the future “kids” that we have been praying for them all of these years. I ditto Laurie Ann.

    The part of the post that hit “home” for me was when you said neither you nor your husband could have answered the ad. The same is true for me. God has made me completely NEW!!!! The work He has done has been amazing!!!!!!

    Thanks for such an awesome post.


  9. Deborah Says:

    Now, how old are your girls, because my son is 14 and doesn’t have a girlfriend yet? You forgot to add to your ad that the boy live in the state of Tennessee so he wouldn’t be far from his momma.
    In all seriousness, my mother-in-law wrote a letter very much like your’s for her son…even down to what she looked like. When we met, she decided I fit the bill and introduced me to her son. We’ve been together for 22 years now. So the ad is not a bad thing! It worked for my MIL.

  10. Sheila Says:

    Laura, I’m working on two boys 🙂

    I love your heart in this post. When I first read the “wanted” ad, I sorta choked, thinking, “Sheesh! My boys already fall short of that and their only 3 and 5.” But like you said in the rest of your post, you and your man didn’t meet any such high criteria when God began a good work in you and look what He’s done!! He’s doing the same work in my and my household though it’s far from flawless perfection.

    My husband does not know my Jesus, but he’s being wooed. And God is doing a work in changing my heart and his. Mine, to not be merely religious, but be the church to my husband, loving him and living a life of worship whether I’m at home or away from him in a Bible study. He’s changing my husband too!

    I feel like the odds are against me, but then again, the odds are against all of us as sinners, whether we go to every church service or Bible college or not. The odds are against me and my sons, but they odds are meaningless because He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world and I’m trusting Him to draw my sons into a real relationship with Him which will someday be seen in their relationship with their wives, if that is the Lord’s will.

    Sorry for the windy comment!

  11. Laurie Adams Says:

    I absolutley loved your post. Good luck on that ad! -Laurie

  12. Okay, I believe in arranged marriages. What’s your phone number? I can take one Godly daughter off your hands. My son is only thirteen, but I know with God in control, it is possible for him to meet these requirements. If the amount of time in prayer has anything to do with it, I know he can at least be a candidate.

    I LOVE this post!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ety W. Says:

    *LOL* Great post and can I ever relate! Having one boy (21) and one girl (24) I wish I could say that there was a pat formula for getting them to turn out godly. Mine too, are a work in progress. I only pray that we’ve at least set them on the path to Christian maturity.

  14. Rena Says:

    Awesome post! I’d like to ditto this ad for my girls! 😉

  15. Ginger Says:

    Just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU so much for your recent comment on my blog! THANK YOU!!

    Will read your post and have more to say later. I’m sure I can use this one with my two boys!

  16. Ginger Says:

    This is good Laura. Maybe I can switch this one around and use for my boys… that is, in the very distant future…ha!
    The answer’s on the way!

  17. Matthew Says:

    You have a great blog, and you are a wonderful writer. I am working on one young man now, but he could be a little too young for your girls. I have the same desires for my children.


  18. sandrajo Says:

    As the Mother of 3 daughters and a mentor to many MOPS Moms, I smiled to myself as I read your “ad” (because I have probably written it numerous times myself!).
    It is so reassuring to know that God will accomplish His plan in our children’s lives and that He can be totally trusted.
    “I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills His purpose for me,” Psalm 57:2 (and may I ad who fulfills His purose for our children)

    Many blessings on your Mothering Journey…
    Recognize & Remember

  19. Mrs. Q Says:

    LOL….loved your ad! My husband and I are doing our best to raise two godly young men (ages 6 and 4) to be warriors for Christ as well as lovers of the Lord. It is a challenge to go against the societal flow but it is one I take up with great passion 🙂

    God knows what your girls have need of.

    I should know, He had to import my husband from Mexico…lol!

    So even if He has to go to the ends of the earth to find them husbands that are whole-heartedly submitted to His will, He will!


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