I’m a Believer

…blessed is she that believed… -Luke 1:45

New Blogger!! May 18, 2008

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My friend Rena has a great new blog… check it out.


(She’s getting this plug because she thinks I’m a bloggy genius…shhhhh don’t tell her I’m not!)

I’m a Believer!


3 Responses to “New Blogger!!”

  1. insertgracehere Says:

    And first, I’d like to thank my Bloggy Mentor, Laura, for her much bloggy knowledge…and, and, for her encouraging words and humble spirit. 😉
    Oh Laura, I just couldn’t have done it without you. NO REALLY….I mean, who wants to be hounded with questions about widgets? A true friend, that’s who!
    Thanks soooo much for the shout out! or blog out?

  2. Courtney Says:

    I visited and enjoyed greatly! Thanks for the referral. I even left a comment. That is probably not surprising.

  3. Ety W. Says:

    I visited too! Laura, actually you’re an encourager to us all.

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